Success Stories

Brysen – Sagittal

I took Brysen in when he was a week and a half old to get circumcised, well the doctor wanted to look him over real good before doing the circumcision.. he told me that he was a perfectly healthy baby & i had interrupted him and asked “what are the dents on the side of… read more

Nicholas – Sagittal

Nicholas was scheduled to be delivered via a C-section on Columbus Day, 2016. I’ve always heard that once you schedule a cesarean you will go into labor before the scheduled date and Nicholas didn’t disappoint. Friday the 7th we spent the day getting the house stocked with everything we would need for our first week… read more

Alice – Sagittal

We had discovered that Alice had craniosynostosis when she was 3 months old and it was unexpected ( she is 5 month now)… We went to a regular pediatrician appointment because Alice was suffering a lot with cramps, by the way, it was our first appointment with this doctor. So we decided to look for other… read more

Kenneth – Sagittal

After my son Kenneth Oliver Helgeson was born, I noticed right away his head was oddly shaped. Knowing that some babies come out with odd shaped heads, I decided not to look like some crazy mom and told myself that I’d give it the 24 hrs they say a babies head goes to normal shape.… read more

Amelia – Bi-Coronal & Saethre-Chotzen

When Amelia was born, doctors noticed a large fontanelle and although they said they didn’t think anything was wrong, they referred us to genetics. I thought her head just looked funny because babies usually do when born naturally. Sure enough, a CT scan at one week confirmed bicoronal craniosynostosis and further DNA testing confirmed Saethre-Chotzen… read more

Luke – Sagittal

I went in for a scheduled C-section with my third child on August 4th, 2016.  This was both my first C-section and my first son.  I was absolutely elated, even after a hard delivery where I hemorrhaged and required blood transfusions (probably related to the placenta previa that drove us to have a c-section in… read more

Kamden – Metopic

My son Kamden was born 04/30/15 at 38 weeks. He was 8lb 1oz and 19 inches long. We had a few scares during the pregnancy due to me having type 1 diabetes, but otherwise it was a normal pregnancy with a normal delivery. I knew right when I placed him on my chest that something… read more


Our son, Heath, was born on 10/16/15, a healthy 8 lb baby.  Right after delivery while taking him all in, studying every feature, I noticed a small indentation on his forehead, and a somewhat bulgy eye on the same side.  Everyone noticed it and chalked it up to be from passing through the birth canal… read more

Michael – Metopic

When my son Michael was born he was absolutely perfect but we did notice he had a prominent forehead. The nurses told us it was from me pushing for over 3 hours and he was stuck in the birth canal. They continued to tell us not to worry and it would shape back to normal.… read more

Sarah – Bi-Coronal

Sarah was born in July 2012, healthy, perfect, and loved by her two big sisters. We commented on her tall forehead but thought nothing odd of it. At her 6 week check up, the doctor could not feel her soft spot and said her head measured small. “It’s probably nothing,” she said, “but I am… read more

Vismita – Coronal

Our daughter Vismita was born on 21 December 2014. After trying many years without success, she is an angel to our lives. She was born full term, through c-section, healthy and everything went well until a week. I found her forehead and eyes were asymmetrical. Her left forehead was slightly bulged than the right. I… read more

Amelia – Metopic

Amelia’s pediatrician first noticed a lack of a soft spot on the top of her head at her 4 month check up. So we were sent to a neurosurgeon who confirmed what we had already thought, metopic craniosynostosis. We were devastated but immediately started to do some research and felt so much more at ease… read more