Michael – Metopic

mikeyWhen my son Michael was born he was absolutely perfect but we did notice he had a prominent forehead. The nurses told us it was from me pushing for over 3 hours and he was stuck in the birth canal. They continued to tell us not to worry and it would shape back to normal. At his 1 month checkup I mentioned my concern to his primary Dr. but she told us not to worry, it was nothing. At his 2 month appointment I told her I was still worried. when she got up to look at it she could tell it got worse. She referred me to Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee where I then got the news my Son had craniosynostosis (type-trigonocephaly) I had never heard of this. His primary physician never heard of this! No one I knew has heard of this! I could not help but think why this had to happen to MY baby! I was so sad and mad for my son! I have never been through anything this serious nor has anyone in my family! The waiting game up until surgery day was horrible. Its all I could think about all day and night. When the day of surgery finally came I was absolutely sick! Knowing my son had no idea what was going on made it worse! He woke up that morning his usual happy self. Watching the doctors walk away with him was the hardest thing I had to do as a parent. The wait for it to be over was torture. Seeing him after was even harder but I knew I had to be strong for him. His surgery was on a Monday and as the week went on he was recovering great! We were out of the ICU by Tuesday and by that night the only pain medication he was on was Tylenol. He was back to his happy self in no time. By Thursday we got to go home. We were all so happy to be home. If it wasn’t for the incision you would never be able to tell he had surgery earlier that week, he was back to himself right away! I could not believe after all he has been through he was still smiling not even a week later! He is so tough and such a strong little guy! I am beyond blessed we are finally past this.