Alice – Sagittal

20161211_165418We had discovered that Alice had craniosynostosis when she was 3 months old and it was unexpected ( she is 5 month now)… We went to a regular¬†pediatrician appointment because Alice was suffering a lot with cramps, by the way, it was our first appointment with this doctor. So we decided to look for other doctor once the old doctor said she had nothing and cramps was normal. During the first appointment with the new doctor, she felt Alices’s head and thought the fontanelle was smaller than the normal, so she asked for a X-Ray and a Cranio Ultrasonography. We did what she asked, but it was not too conclusive, so she asked a Cranio Tomography, with this exam we got the report and it was saying she had a Sagittal Premature Closure. After that, the pediatrist recommended us to look for a Neurosurgeon.

It was a hard time, we tried to find for some with our heath insurance, but they would like to follow up during next 6 months, but we knew it was a surgery case and we decided not to wait, so we looked for a private medical and we¬†found a great Neurosurgeon that booked the Alice’s surgery for 1 month later.

She passed through surgery on Dec 7 2016 and after 21 days, she looks great… We already note a big difference compared with 1 month ago. She is recovering well and felling good day after day.

I have to thanks GOD for putting the Dra Janete (pediatrist) who identified it on Alice and also Dr Sergio and his team to have done a great job with Alice’s craniosynostosis.