Success Stories


When our little lion king was born we noticed his forehead was very flat on one side and were told it was… read more


My daughter Brynnli was born two months premature by emergency cesarean section because I developed severe sudden onset pre-eclampsia. I went to… read more


Brayden Jackson born on July 1st 2017, along with his twin brother Greysen Jackson,  They were born on Canada day 150! We… read more


On April 28th 2017, our beautiful daughter Bellamy was born.  During my pregnancy when the doctors were reviewing my ultrasounds they noticed… read more


Bentley graced us with his presence on March 29, 2016.  After hours of pushing without any progress, I was questioned if I would like… read more


Our son Nate was born in March 2013 with a large lump on his skull above his left eye and no palpable… read more


Our son Brandon had a Metopic and surgery at 13 months old. Cranio Care Bears were there with us from the very… read more


Andreas was born February 20, 2018 after 53 hours of an induced labour. He ended up arriving via emergency caesarian section and… read more

Maurus – Metopic

Maurus Valentine Bell entered the world on February 27th, 2016. Born at 39 weeks, It was a quick labor and delivery with… read more

Syland – Metopic

Our craniosynostosis journey was similar to many others. My husband, Clayton, and I had our sweet Syland Gene Stoup on July 27,… read more