Timberleigh – Sagittal

When Timberleigh was born in June of 2011 everything was perfect. Her head was perfectly round and chubby cheeks and everything. When I took her in for her 1 month appointment I mentioned to the doctor that her head was looking like a football to me instead of being round and asked if that was normal. He didn’t question me at all and completely agreed with me. He knew whatever it was could be serious and didn’t want to waste any time doing preliminary things. He put in a referral to Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital in Portland Oregon that day. This was in August of 2011.

We waited for our insurance to approve the visits and finally got an appointment with the Neurosurgeon and Plastic Surgeon in November of 2011. They said at that appointment that just from feeling her head they were 99% positive that she had sagittal craniosynostosis. In the beginning of December they had her in for a CT scan which confirmed everything and January 10th 2012 she had her Surgery. Surgery was rough. I handled everything up until going into the ICU with her just fine. I just wanted to hold her so bad that I lost it and started crying. She recovered really well. They actually sent us home a day early because of it.

Since then she has not had any delays and has hit all her mile stones. At her 3 month appointment they said everything looked great and they would see us back in a year. God works in great ways. We had a huge support team and are very thankful for everyone who stood beside us and answered all our questions as time passed. Especially right before surgery. 🙂