Rylee – Sagittal


My wife delivered triplets at 33 weeks 2 days. A week after they were born my wife got a call from the pediatrician, concerned about all 3 of our babies. Our boys, born with white hair and our daughter, born with a football-shaped head. The diagnosis, our boys have albinism, and our daughter, craniosynostosis. A lot to take for new parents who have just delivered THREE babies. One day at a time, one diagnosis at a time.

Fast forward 8 months, our daughter had surgery at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, by Dr. Jeffry Marsh. He worked a miracle. Our daughter is now a 12 year old
straight A student, star soccer goalie, and has a heart as big as gold. All is well, no ill effects. Her surgery still required an incision from ear to ear, but besides an impressive scar covered by her massively curly hair, you would never know.

To all those parents facing the fear, we know first hand that miracles can happen.

Joe and Amy Iorio