Ryan – Sagittal

Ryan was born on December 17, 2012. He is our first baby and the absolute love of our lives. Early on in my pregnancy, I was told that something would be wrong because he had a high nuchal translucency reading. We held our breath and waited as he came out – and at first glance, everything seemed okay. He was quickly diagnosed with something called a glandular hypospadias, but other than that, we were handed a perfect baby. We noticed in the delivery room that he had an “egg” on the back of his head but were told that we’d wait and see if it was just trauma from birth. At his two-week check-up, the pediatrician said she was concerned but again, would wait. We could feel the egg on the back of his head and a ridge along the top. I took him in for a sick visit on Valentine’s Day and when the pediatrician felt for his soft spot, she found nothing. We were immediately sent for a CT scan and they confirmed that he had sagittal cranio. We saw neurosurgeons at Johns Hopkins and Children’s Hospital and decided that we would go with the modified pi procedure at Children’s. Our surgeon, Dr. Robert Keating, is our hero. On July 3, 2013, our third wedding anniversary, Ryan underwent the procedure and came out like a champ. Recovery was a little rough, but he bounced back even quicker than one would think is possible. Six weeks later, he had his hypospadias surgery. Now, we have a baby who (knock on wood) has a clean bill of health with no future surgeries in sight.