Quinn – Metopic

On November 12, 2012, Veteran’s Day Holiday, Quinn had her surgery.  The surgery was a success.  It lasted approximately 3 hours.  Next to our  daughter and husband making the decision to have the surgery, was seeing our  grand daughter after the surgery.  To be quite honest it was very hard to see  Quinn after the surgery with the swelling, and the next 3 days were hard until the swelling came down.  Her eyes were like two giant water blisters which she was finally able to open her left eye on Thursday and the right on Friday, so they released her that day.  By the end of the second week all the swelling was gone.  We only had to give pain medication 3 times after she came home.  We gave her Children’s Tylenol every 4 to 5 hours for discomfort and then later maybe every 8 hours.  Quinn is showing no signs of aggravation from the staples.  She does not reach up to touch the area.  She got the staples (44 of them) removed on December 4th.  She does everything she did before the surgery.
At this time it looks like the surgery accomplished what they set out to do.  I personally did not take any pictures, my daughter may have.  The image of everything is still imbedded in my memory banks.  It is amazing how she healed so quickly.  The doctors are amazed the swelling went down so quickly and that she is her old self.  We did not expect her to heal and respond to her normal self so quickly.  It took almost a week before she went back to eating normally and sleeping normal patterns again.  She is teething right now, so it was hard to distinguish if there was discomfort from the surgery or from the teething. It is amazing the minimal scarring that she has. There has been no discomfort from the surgery. She must be monitored every 6 months for the next 4 years.