Matthew – Metopic

Matthew was born on March 27th 2011 weighing 8 pounds 14 ounces, 21 and 3/4 inches. My Dr. showed no concern over the ridge down Matthew’s forehead, as I had just given birth. At Matthew’s two week check up his doctor noticed the prominent forehead and told us we needed to keep an eye on it. His head seemed to look just fine to us as we thought that was just the shape of his forehead. At his two month check up the doctor showed concern. He said his head should have taken on the normal shape by then, and he wanted to send us to a neurosurgeon just to be on the safe side. He didn’t think Matthew’s case was very bad and said if needed he just might have to wear a helmet for a few months. So a week later we got the call that an appointment had been set up in Detroit to see Dr. Ham, (chief of neurosurgery) at the Children’s hospital. On June 22nd 2011 Matthew was diagnosed with Metopic Craniosynostosis. Within five minutes of looking at him and feeling his head Dr. Ham gave him his diagnosis. He then sent us down to cat scan and then to Dr. Rozzelle (chief plastic surgeon). We were told he would need surgery in November. The months went by quickly, as we waited in agony for this surgery to be behind us. Then November 28th came. The hardest thing I have ever had to do was pass my baby over to the nurse who took him to the operating room. I will never forget how I felt when she took him from us. The tears rolled down my face with no way to stop them. About one minute later I suddenly felt at peace with everything. The nurse called at 10:30am to let us know the surgery was underway, then every 2 hours on the dot with nothing but positive updates. At 4pm Matthew was out of surgery and in recovery. We were able to see him as they were taking him up to ICU. The moment I saw him laying there with the drainage tubes and all puffy I burst into tears again. I think this time it was relief, not worry! I knew we were on the other side! On his way up to ICU he was sobbing in his sleep. The nurse said it was because he was in a deep sleep, but I wonder if that was really why. Matthew did very well recovering aside from the swelling. Dr. Rozzelle said it was one of the worst cases of swelling, and gave him three doses of steroids to bring the swelling down. Matthew was so swollen that his eye lids had started to turn upward. He could not chew or swallow his food due to his mouth being swelled open. Within 24 hours there was a very dramatic difference in his swelling. It was amazing to see the swelling go down more each hour. At 4:43 pm on December 1st Matthew’s eyes opened and he started smiling and playing again. We had our baby back! Recovery from there on out has gone very well. Matthew does not look the same, and it was so hard for us to get used to the new look. We wanted our old baby back! We wanted his happy eyebrows back! It felt like we had brought home a different baby. The amazing part is that he looks so much like our oldest son now! He didn’t look like him at all until this surgery took place. I believe that this is the way God had intended our Matthew to look. It just took a little bit of correction! We are so happy to say we are on the other side and that Matthew is doing well adjusting to his helmet. One thing I must mention is that we always had a happy baby, but after this surgery he became the happiest baby I have ever seen. He is laughing more and being silly! He is so much fun! We thank God every day for the miracle that was given to us and the amazing doctors that fixed our babies head and carried our baby across the bridge to the other side!