Mackenzie – Sagittal

Mackenzie M. (Twin) DOB 7/13/2012
Date of Surgery: 10/18/2012-Endoscopic
Type of Cranio: Sagittal Craniosynostosis

Our baby girl Mackenzie has what is called Craniosynostosis (Sagittal Sutures). It is a condition where her skull along the Sagittal suture (along the top of her head) has already fused together in utero. I believe this happened because she spent almost 6 months stuck down in my pelvis and her head was in very tight quarters. The doctors tell you they don’t know why this happens to babies, but all the research shows that it is more common in twins and or very small women because of the tight spaces in the womb. I do have to say though that had I not noticed something was wrong the first time I held her, we may have been clueless to know something was wrong. I thought her forehead was protruding too much, then a few nurses kept saying “oh what a cute little breech head” and i would say “she wasn’t breech, and also I had a c-section” then the pediatrician said it also while in the hospital and I repeated “She wasn’t breech”. After discussing it with my sister, she researched and researched and found a condition she thought it was IF there was something wrong at all. We told the pediatrician on their (twins) 2 week visit that we were concerned about her head. The pediatrician tried to say no there is nothing wrong, but if you really feel like there is, then we can get an x-ray to set your mind at ease. Thank God I insisted we needed one! She IN FACT had fusing of the skull. She had surgery on her tiny little head on October 18, 2012. She was so brave! She was so tiny and did not understand what was happening to her. She bounced back immediately! She is so strong! Although it has taken a month to get her helmet her head already looks so different.