Londyn – Sagittal

Londyn1I noticed the difference in Londyn’s head shape and the palpable ridge immediately after birth. I am an RN by trade, so I didn’t want to be crazy mom/nurse and diagnose my child so I followed the doctor’s advice and pushed it off as birth trauma. Her head shape did not change after 2 weeks, so after lots of research I knew she had sagittal craniosynostosis. The nurse practitioner had never seen it before and was unsure if that was an accurate diagnosis so we were referred to a pediatric neurosurgeon who confirmed the diagnosis and so our journey began. Fast forward to 07 Dec 15, Londyn was 3 1/2 months old and had her first surgery.

We opted for the spring assisted surgery because it was the least invasive and if for some reason it did not work or we were not happy with her head shape she could always receive the full vaulting later on. We are in a foreign country that does not offer the endoscopic approach so she does have a 10 cm incision to the top of her head. Her head has made a dramatic change already and we are thrilled with the results. She is recovering beautifully and acts as if she did not have surgery 2 days ago. We will keep you posted about her results as her head will continue to change shape while the springs are in.

londyn Londyn2 Londyn3