Kaleb – Lambdoid

100_0941Our son Kaleb Roman Palicki was diagnosed with lambdoid craniosynostosis on October 23rd 2012. Shortly thereafter he was diagnosed with chiari malformation. Kaleb had his first CVR surgery on November 29th 2012. Complications arose from that first CVR surgery and Kaleb developed a post operative hemorrhage with a blood clot on the right side of the brain. So Kaleb had his second surgery on December 3rd 2012. We almost lost him, but we got a MIRACLE!!! :)) Kaleb had his third surgery, a fossa decompression for his chiari malformation on February 22nd 2013. Kaleb was later diagnosed with VSD that he does not need surgery for at this time. However Kaleb’s symptoms came back and we noticed his head starting to take on it’s old shape again. So this time we found ourselves going to Dallas Texas for Kaleb’s fourth surgery on October 7th 2013 for another CVR that he desperately needed before irreversible brain damage. Kaleb then had his fifth surgery on February 13th 2014 for adenoids and tubes in his ears. Our son as you can see is a little soldier and  we are so PROUD of him. It would be impossible to go into detail on all that he had done and why. To read more about our son and his story you can go to http://www.mycranioangel.com/   He is a fighter like all cranio kids and we are so blessed to have him!! Kaleb has some future surgeries down the road, but we don’t look that far ahead.. We enjoy one day at a time and enjoy one another. We are PROUD parents of a CRANIO, CHIARI and VSD baby 😉

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