Joanna had her surgery at just under 6 months old to correct a prematurely fused metopic suture. She had a CVR and FOA, like most metopic babies, performed by a cranio facial surgeon and neuro surgeon here in Normandy, France. She was out of intensive care after two days, and home and smiling after four days, and just one week after surgery her swelling had almost all disappeared. It was better than we ever let ourselves imagine it could be. The worst part by far was the waiting leading up to the operation. We just couldn’t bear thinking about it. Now it is just a distant memory, and the scar is so faint that it hardly shows, even with only a little blonde fuzz to cover it!

At almost 10 months old, Joanna is simply delighted with life! She is crawling, babbling and laughing and sleeps non-stop from 7.30pm until 9am…we couldn’t ask for a better baby! She never had disturbed sleep after surgery, which was something we were prepared for. We are looking forward to a bright future for all the family. Thank you so much for the care package, the prayer CD provided much needed support before the operation, and we hung the prayer chain above Joanna’s bed and you know what, I think it worked wonderfully!