Jayla – Sagittal

JayDuring a sonogram at 36 weeks the doctors told me Jayla’s head was shaped long and skinny but assumed it was from positioning in the birth canal for too long and she would grow out of it after birth.

Jayla was born August 11, 2014. She was 8 days late weighing 8 lbs & 20 inches long. Delivery was fast and easy. Jayla’s pediatrician didn’t notice anything wrong with her head. 2 weeks after having her, we moved from Florida back to New York. At Jayla’s 5 month well checkup, our pediatrician noticed her soft spot was closing. Jayla didn’t have health insurance, I was paying out of pocket for her visits so the pediatrician told us to go to the emergency room at the hospital and the social worker would help us get insurance so I could be referred to a specialist. At the emergency room Jayla was diagnosed with craniosynostosis. They explained a little about what it was to me, but I didn’t really understand medical terminology so I did what every other parent does and Googled it. I immediately began to cry reading all the articles about it. We were sent home as the emergency room couldn’t help her or help me get insurance. I managed to get health insurance on my own and was sent to Dr Egnor a neurosurgeon. He took measurements of her head and confirmed what the hospital told me. He told me Jayla would need surgery to correct her skull. ┬áThen we needed to get a CT scan. Also met the plastic surgeon Dr Duboys that works hand in hand with Dr Egnor.
Jayla’s surgery was scheduled March 24, 2015. Just two months after being diagnosed. Also the day before my sons birthday. We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am. We were immediately taken to the back to prep for surgery. They took her at 8am and put her to sleep. I went back to the waiting room. I got a call at 9:10 am that they just started surgery. By 10:36 am the neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon were standing in front of me letting me know they were finished and Jayla did great and that soon she would be in the recovery room so I could see her. When I saw her I started to cry as my baby girl looked so different. Her head was a little swollen and already much rounder. She was given Tylenol for the pain. She was sleeping most of the time. We got another CT scan then went to pediatric ICU. She was doing great sitting up in the crib playing with all the things attached to her. She slept on my chest that night. The next day she woke up with one eye swollen. I tried to keep her upright so she wouldn’t swell. She slept in the crib that night and woke up with both eyes completely swollen shut but she was still her happy self playing and sitting up in the crib. By the middle of the day, her left eye was beginning to open. She slept on my chest this night and woke up with her eyes still swollen but she was able to open them. We were transferred to a regular pediatric floor. She was up most of the day playing and her eyes were open all the way. We spent another night and was discharged the next day. Since leaving the hospital Jayla did fine…she is her normal happy self. Healing amazingly! So happy with the results. Her head felt mushy after surgery but it’s been two weeks and it’s feels normal now. And her scar is almost completely healed.
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