Jacob – Sagittal

Jacob was born on April 9, 2012 at Kaiser in San Diego via c-section and my family was complete with all of us. My husband and I thought Jacob was the best thing ever and couldn’t wait for him to meet his big sister (Katelyn). The morning we were being released from the hospital to go home, the pediatrician came in and did a final exam on Jacob and said his sutures in the middle of his head were either fused together or over lapped since he had a ridge. My heart sank as a mother and the tears began (what could be wrong with my baby?) Jacob went off for the x-ray and came back about an hour later and the doctor came in and said the sutures fused together and were going to have to send him to a plastic surgeon. So about a week later we went to the plastic surgeon where they had diagnosed Jacob with “Sagittal craniosynostosis” and I couldn’t believe that Jacob was going to have to face surgery. So our plastic surgeon recommended us to the neurosurgeon down at Kaiser Zion and they told us how they would cut from ear to ear and he would have a blood transfusion. They said the hospital stay would be 3 days. I didn’t know how to take all this in and accept everything that was going to have to happen to make sure my baby boy had the best future possible. So my mom and I asked around to see if we could find anyone that has been through what we were going to have to experience. My mom found a friend and her daughter had it but she had a different kind of cranio, but she couldn’t express enough that if we could go to a second opinion that we should go up to Los Angeles and see the doctors there. She was sure we would be happy and shocked with the knowledge their team had. So the phone calls began and so did the trips from El Cajon to Los Angeles. At our first appointment we meet the team Dr. Wexler and Dr. Fedor. They told us a lot about how they do this 3 times a week and they see a lot of cases of cranio but every baby has had a great result and no surgeries have had to be re done. My husband and I knew before the appointment was over that our boy was having his surgery up in LA Kaiser. So the call I never wanted came and they said Jacobs’s surgery date was November 14, 2012. My stress and anxiety had gotten worse and I didn’t want the day to come. The more I read about the other families stories; I knew I could pull through this. I just didn’t want to have to see my baby boy go through it when there was nothing I could do but pray and know that as a parent I’m doing the right thing. So Tuesday night Jacob, mom, dad, big sister (Katelyn) and grandma Cathy got all packed up and drove up and stayed the night in a hotel since we had to check in at 5:30 am an Jacob was to go in at 7:30 am! We had got all checked in at the hospital and in the waiting room for his name to be called and the time had come. They got Jacob all ready and let us hold him and walk him down the hall to the double doors as we were told to say goodbye. My husband and I watched them carry him away as Jacob was looking back at us and we waved, then held each other tight as the tears came down and we were told we wouldn’t hear anything till about 10 or 11. It felt like the longest wait for our family but soon enough Dr. Wexler came out and said everything went great, he was in recovery and you could visit in the next 30 minutes. We couldn’t wait to see Jacob and to know everything was going okay! Jacob was very swollen after surgery and did a lot of whining and sleeping off an on while they were trying to get him in a comfortable state. The nurses and doctors were great and so welcoming and always making sure Jacob was happy and comfortable. I couldn’t have been happier with the way things went to know we were on the other side and a healthy recovery was ahead of us. As the days went on, Jacob was bouncing back like a little miracle day by day and I couldn’t believe the difference in his head in just a matter of hours/days. His first post-op check up came up and they said Jacobs head looked great and his head was healing like it should be. That was heaven to our ears! As mother and father of 2 at the age of 28, this was the hardest thing a parent can go through or deal with. Without the support groups or websites, this can be a very scary thing walking into. We have learned so much along this 7 month journey and wouldn’t change it for the world. I say it with pride that we are proud parents of a handsome cranio boy! Prayers and Faith is the key!