Isaac – Metopic

Isaac’s Journey with Metopic Craniosynostosis can be read on this blog –

Below are all of my blog posts related to our journey with our son Isaac through his diagnosis of metopic craniosynostosis and the surgery that followed. We pray that you will find encouragement, advice, and hope through our walk and that our experience will somehow help you with yours! May God’s mercy and grace guide you!

News of his diagnosis

An update on the support we received/ some research

CT Scan and first opinion

Second opinion

Fear and faith – more appointments

Surgery date scheduled

Ways to pray – spreading the word to friends and family

Intercessory prayer

Pre-op appointment number 1

Pre-op appointment number 2 and encouragement

Worst day ever! Surgery post-poned

Go to a hospital as good as Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital

New Surgery date

Day before surgery

Surgery morning

Surgery started

Update from nurses

Surgery is over!

First update after surgery with recovery photos

PICU -day 2

Day 2- evening -praises

Day 3 – the worst is over

Day 3 after a bath

Peeking eyes

Eyes open – light at the end of the tunnel

Recovering at home

One week after the surgery

Thanking the grandparents

As of June 13, 2011, Isaac is a perfectly healthy 14-month old and you would have a very difficult time knowing he had major reconstructive surgery by looking at him. His 6 month post-op appointment was uneventful and the doctor called him a “perfect case.” I call it a blessing from a perfect God.