Ellee – Metopic

Our daughter Ellee had metopic cranial synostosis, in addition to all her many other medical diagnoses. She had open heart surgery for pulmonary vein stenosis when she was just four months old. When she was fourteen months old, the time came for surgery on her cranial synostosis, and that was almost scarier than the open heart surgery. Cranio Care Bears made it better by sending their care package. Ellee did amazing and was out of the hospital in less than 48 hours, but the recovery was a little more challenging. Some hair got into the incision and we had to work to get the incision closed up good and healed over, but now you can’t even tell she ever had surgery. The Craniofacial Center led by Dr. Fearon at Children’s Medical City in Dallas, TX, was amazing, and I am so thankful we chose to make the drive and go there. Her website to follow her whole story is www.prayforellee.org.