Divan El-Jay – Sagittal

Divan El-Jay was born in February this year and was diagnosed with craniosynostosis. The doctors wanted to do the operation when he was 6 months old.  LJ and Madelaine (proud parents of little Divan) were devastated when they heard the news and none of us had heard of this before but thanks to Cranio Care Bears, we could all read up and understand it better. The medical aid advised they would pay a portion of the operation so we had fund raising raffles and a dance with auctions to raise money. It all went successfully and Divan was booked into the Panorama hospital on the August 30, 2013. On the morning of the operation, he was taken in and then the long 8 hour wait begun. We were blessed to have friends and family with us as we sat around waiting for the operation to finish at the scheduled 3 pm.  However to our surprise the operation was so successful that the doctors finished at 12. Walking into the ward was nerve wracking and heartbreaking as Divan was full of pipes and monitors, however the doctor reassured us all is well. He recovered quickly and was off sedation and heavy pain killers after just a day. Four days later he was sent home and two weeks after that, his stitches were taken out. We now have a bubbly little character and everything is back to normal with only a scar to remind us how wonderful God’s grace is. Once again we would like to thank Summer and Shelby and to end this little journey with advise to moms and dads out there-be strong and believe that your little one is in good hands. Love to all from us here in South Africa.


IMG-20130825-WA003 hosp2hosp9divan after opdivan after op3 divan-day after op  divan day 3.3 divan day 2.1  divan-1 week after