Camden – Sagittal

Camden6Camden Ryan was born full term on November 11, 2013 weighing in at 8lbs 5oz by an emergency C-section. During labor everything seemed to be going great, until his heart rate started dropping every time I contracted. The doctor came in and told me that I stopped dilating at 6cm and we needed to get him out ASAP. My heart dropped, but I told him to do whatever he needed to, to get my baby out. 45 minutes later, I heard his amazing cry for the first time. My life changed from that point on. The next day Camden’s pediatrician came in to take a look. We asked why Camden’s head was bruised in one stop and she told us the vacuum used to get rid of after birth during a cesarean caused the bruise and that it would go away on it’s own. During Camden’s 2 week check up his pediatrician asked us if anyone in our families have long shaped heads. ¬†We both had said no and that’s when we heard Craniosynostosis for the first time. She explained his skull fusing together too soon, the reason for him not having a soft spot, and his head being as long as it was. For the longest time Drew (Camden’s father) and I thought the vacuum during the cesarean caused the length of his head. She suggested a doctor at UVA and within a week we were getting a CT scan done. Camden’s doctor called us a week later to confirm he had Craniosynostosis. We were both scared for our little boy. I thought over and over again that I had done this to him, but the doctors reassured me that I had no control over this. When Camden was 2 months old, the doctors at UVA scheduled his surgery for April 11. When the time finally came, it took everything I had to give Camden to the doctors. As I walked away, I had a voice in my head saying over and over again that he was in great hands and that everything would be just fine. After a long 9 hours, we finally got to see our baby boy again. We immediately saw a difference in his head. But he was still just as handsome as he was before. Two days in the PICU and four days in the hospital, we were able to bring our baby home on April 17. I told Drew, it was like bringing him home for the first time all over again. We received a care package from the Cranio Care Bears after we had got home and Camden loved everything in it. We greatly appreciate what you ladies have done for not only our family but all the others! God bless you and your families!

Much love,
The Saffelle Family

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