Ayden – Sagittal

AydenAyden was born 9-3-14 via c-section he is my third and last baby. When he was born you could tell his head was an odd shape but I thought it was just from the way he laid in my belly or when the OB was pulling him out. The pediatric doctors at the hospital told me to keep an eye on his head to see if it would round out. He had a ridge in the middle of his head where his soft spot should’ve been. So for 9 long weeks it was back and forth to his local dr and we were sent to Riley in Indianapolis. I had done some research on my own and figured out that he had crainosynostosis and the type he had was saggital synostosis. Aydens poor little head looked like a football. His father and I got the news that he would have to have skull surgery. We were so scared, yes Riley is the best children’s hospital in IN but this is our baby.. We had to wait until he was 3 months old. So December crept up on us so fast as I was preparing myself and Ayden.  The night before his surgery, we got a call that my father-in-law had just passed.
When it was time to hand my 3 month old baby to a complete stranger and trust them with his life… It was so hard, scary, emotionally draining. His surgery took 5 hours. I don’t think I ever was so stir crazy in my life. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t read I couldn’t stay focused on one thing. When it was all over and we could finally see him, we were relieved and thanked God for putting his hands on our baby and on the hands of the surgical team that took care of him.  The first night he was in the PICU he would wake up crying from the anesthesia, they let me hold him as long as I wanted. The swelling came the second day and just got worse until about the 3rd day. Poor guy you could tell he was awake but couldn’t open his eyes. He didn’t eat much either. When the day came that his dr said we could go home, I was so happy and scared at the same time! I have a 6 & 2 year old boys at home. I was so afraid they’d hurt him by accident, but they never did.  They were and are gentle with him. His scar healed up great and his hair almost covers it up by now. It was a scary ordeal but I’ll never forget it, and I’ll always be thankful and grateful to the hospital and everyone who was praying and supported us.