Austin – Sagittal

1424366_10153382534215231_460202087_nAustin came into this world May 9th 2013 weighing 8 lbs 15 oz and it was love at first sight.  Austin’s pediatrician came in the day he was born and said he was beautiful.  On the third day she came in and asked us to come into her office the next day.  We thought it was odd for a doctor to make an appointment right there.  We went to her office and she told us she felt a ridge in Austin’s head and she thought he might have Craniosynostosis ummmm Cranio what???? Our son was perfect… that was impossible. We had never even heard of this. We went that day for an x ray and sure enough, Austin had Sagittal Craniosynostosis and we were completely devastated.

The next week we met with a neurosurgeon. I heard nothing after the doctor saying he needed surgery.  I cried the entire appointment and the whole ride home. We then met with a plastic surgeon where I continued to cry the entire appointment.  They set a surgery date of October 25th 2013. It was only May so I couldn’t understand how we would deal with the next 5 months.  He would only be 6 months old but we got through those 5 months with lots of tears and prayers and a wonderful support system.

October 25th came and Austin was a happy boy that morning as we drove to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.  It was the longest 15 min drive we have ever taken. I thought he would be so mad because he couldn’t have a bottle but nope he was all smiles.  Handing my son over to a nurse was something I have thought about since the day we found out and it was just a devastating as I thought it would be. The only thing that got us through that day was the fact that we knew he had the most amazing surgeons we could ever wish for.  He went in at 7:30 am and they called every 2 hours to update us.  At 2:00 pm he was out of surgery and this huge weight had been lifted!  But now the fear of seeing my baby had set in. We were amazed at our beautiful baby boy as he looked amazing. The next few days were rough as we stayed in the hospital for 5 days and my poor husband slept on the hospital room floor but neither of us felt like we could be away from our baby. The greatest day was day 4 when my 7 year old got Austin to smile big for the first time…. what an amazing sight!  He smiled and we cried lol. Today we are 8 days post op and Austin is doing amazing!  He is way better then any of us could have hoped for!  Nights are rough but it’s all worth it. I am so thankful that I found Cranio Care Bears as it helped me so much at such a dark time. To all you new cranio mommies who are awaiting your little ones surgery. here is the quote that got me through each day “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have” you can and will get through it 🙂

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