Audrianna – Sagittal

WP_20140903_11_33_07_ProAudrianna is my 3rd child. I have a 9 year old boy and 4 year old girl. So when I found out we were going to have a 3rd baby, I expected it to be easy! I already had two… plus I was older. I was so confident this would be a breeze. We had everything prepared ahead of time and were so ready to meet our little love. But there was one thing we did not and could not prepare for. On July 11th, 2014 we went to the hospital to be induced. Third time being induced, so this should be easy also! Well it wasn’t. Everything went so quickly and the delivery itself was somewhat traumatic but the details of that don’t matter anymore. My sweet girl was born 8lbs, gorgeous, calm and very healthy. But the first thing I noticed was her head. Doctors told us the cone shape would go away, it was just from her being engaged for so long. I knew better, this didn’t feel right. Once we were home, I noticed a ridge going down her head. This was not normal, i had other babies. I knew there was something wrong. At her first two well baby checks, I brought up my concern. They told me it was normal with the shape of her head and to just encourage her to lay on the back of her head. I can still feel my frustration and anger as I’m typing this. SoI decided to do my own research. Once I came across the images for sagittal cranio, my heart dropped. I couldn’t breathe, that was exactly how my baby looked. I was terrified as I did more research. I found out which hospital in my area was the best and all the info I needed in order to get her taken care of. I went into her next appointment prepared to fight. And demand a referral for Doernbecher. The first pediatrician that day told me again that Audrianna was fine. I threw out the word Craniosynostosis and at that point she finally had another doctor come in to “ease my mind”. She took one look at my 2 month old baby and told me yes she did in fact have it and would need surgery. From this point on everything was so busy. Appointment after appointment. I was on autopilot until we met with the surgeons and received a date for surgery. Then our world crashed. It was all so real now. It was so unfair to us that every day surgery was on our mind. I feel like I never fully got to enjoy those next few months. Every time she would smile, I felt awful for what was about to happen to her. January 13th came way too fast. The moment we had to hand her over was the worst moment of my entire life. I was beyond words scared and worried. I was handing my baby off to these people to be poked, drugged and cut open. My sweet girl…I begged them to take care of her and make her be OK. I expected the wait to be far worse than what it was. It was fairly quick actually. I spent my time just focused on keeping my milk supply up and pumping. Because I knew it was the one and only thing I could actually do for my girl. When they finally called us back to the recovery room to see her, it was a terrible moment for me. She was asleep, pale and different. She didn’t look like my baby. I felt like she was a whole different baby. I hated that moment, I should have just felt grateful she was OK! We then went to the PICU with her. Things were starting to get better. They let us know she only needed about half of the blood I donated for her, vitals stayed great during surgery and they were very happy with the results. Once she started waking up and opening her eyes, I could recognize my baby again! Same beauty and personality, just a little different look. The time in the hospital flew by, she was healing perfectly. We took her home just a couple days after surgery. She hardly got swollen, she ate somewhat normally. She tore her heart monitors and one of her IVs out. She was ready to go! I wasn’t! I was horrified. How could they think we would be able to take care of her, we aren’t doctors!! But we did, the moment she got in her own car seat, she was so excited! When we got into the house, she looked around with such excitement and relief to be home. That was the moment I knew we were all fine! She’s healed incredibly. She’s just as active and happy as before. She’s beautiful, smart and my hero. It’s incredible that someone so tiny can show such strength and inspiration. Surgery was only two months ago but our life is completely normal. It feels so amazing to have this behind us and thoroughly enjoy our precious girl!
Sagittal Cranio with CVR/craniotomy surgery



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