Amelia – Metopic

Am4Amelia’s pediatrician first noticed a lack of a soft spot on the top of her head at her 4 month check up. So we were sent to a neurosurgeon who confirmed what we had already thought, metopic craniosynostosis. We were devastated but immediately started to do some research and felt so much more at ease with the help of websites, like Cranio Care Bears. She was than scheduled for surgery right before she turned 7 months, in mid September. That was the longest summer of our lives waiting for the impending date but eventually it came.
She smiled at us when the nurses took her back, the worst moment of our lives was eased with her happiness. It felt like it took forever but it was about 6 hours. When we saw her neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon come through those doors, we never jumped up that quick in our lives. But they assured us the surgery went absolutely perfect and she was doing fantastic. When we saw Amelia in recovery we were taken aback at first because it didn’t look like the same baby we handed them. She slept off the medicine and was moved to PICU, where the swelling began. And it got pretty bad. We were prepared for it but when it’s your own baby, nothing can fully prepare you for it. But our baby girl was amazing. Her eyes were completely shut for 3 days, but Amelia never cried. She never whined. She just wanted to know we were close by her.
Amelia spent 5 days in the hospital, we had to wait for at least one eye to open a bit. She came home on her 7 month birthday. It seemed like the swelling would never go down and her hair would never grow in. But slowly she started to look more like herself, her new self. She was beyond amazing throughout it all and truly never seemed bothered by any of it. She kept us going when we didn’t think we could anymore.
Now 3 months post-op, people don’t even know she had surgery! Her scar is covered by hair that grew in fast and her swelling is nonexistent. She had to go in for a second minor surgery to fix an end stitch that was poking out but she wasn’t fazed by that at all! Amelia was playing with the nurses this time when we went back to the recovery room. We worried about her ‘new’ face but when the doctor promised us she would look better after surgery, he wasn’t kidding. She’s even more perfect than before.