Alec – Metopic

Our sweet little baby Alec was diagnosed with Metopic Craniosynostosis 24 hours after birth.  My husband and I have already been through this nightmare once with our older son Maric who also underwent surgery for Metopic Craniosynostosis July 5, 2011 at 8 months old. His surgeon said “It is highly unlikely that you would have another child with this type of diagnosis” and when we learned that we were pregnant with Alec, my OB sent me for level 2 sonograms to confirm that all the sutures are indeed open. They were, and we were overjoyed that the potential diagnosis passed us by, and that brought us hope that the nightmare of this surgery would never haunt any of our children. However, when Alec was sent for a CT scan at 19 days old, the images confirmed that his metopic suture was prematurely fused which led to Trigonocephaly.  Once again we were on our way to meet with our good surgeon to set a date for surgery. But when Alec turned 6 months, we learned that our surgeon stopped working at the Children’s Hospital. I could not understand which way God was leading us, because God had already given me peace in my heart that surgery is needed and I was OK with that. We were referred to Medical City Dallas and are so thankful to God for taking us there and for making every detail of our stay there so smooth. Alec’s recovery has gone very smooth. Much smoother than his brothers. I know that is was in God’s plan to go through this journey one more time and He just made it smoother this time around. Even Alec’s surgeon agreed that Alec “had a very smooth postoperative course”. And we praise and glorify God for being with Alec and us every single second. Thank you all for you prayers and your encouragement! As I said to many of my friends, “we survived and thrived on prayers!” For those of you who would like to follow Alec’s journey, we set us a facebook page called Baby Alec’s Surgery where we update and build awareness about craniosynostosis.  I want to tell Cranio Care Bears a HUGE THANK YOU for all you do! I wish I would have known about your website when Maric had his surgery. Thank you so much for your thoughts, your prayers and for the AWESOME care packages! Honestly, when I filled out the request form, I doubted that I would receive a package of everything I and baby needs for surgery from someone I don’t even know! You can imagine the look on my face when the postman knocked on my door saying I have a delivery! 🙂 Thank you!!  Alec  LOVES his bear blanket and loves to fiddle with the blanket ties 🙂 Also, thanks for the pink fluffy socks for me, i’m wearing them now.