Addison – Sagittal

A2Addison was born with a very narrow, long head shape. Around 6 weeks old we started searching for reasons why her little head seemed to protrude outwards posteriorly and why her forehead seemed pinched at the top. What we found was ‘Craniosynostosis’. By comparing Addie’s picture to those we found online, we instantly knew she was a classic case of Sagittal Synostosis. At 3 months old, we knew that she was on a sensitive timeline for what type of procedure we would chose. After meeting with the craniofacial specialists at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, we learned of a spring-assisted cranial vault reconstruction, which would use omega-shaped springs along the removed sagittal suture to expand and shape her skull. We went with this procedure, considering Addie was on the cusp of being too old for endoscopic and too young for a full CVR. We are currently 10 weeks post-op and her face has taken such a different, round shape. We have had no complications and she is healing fabulously! Her springs are scheduled to come out this summer through a small, hopefully out-patient surgery. She is the sweetest, happiest baby in the world!