Success Stories


The day I found out that my beautiful son had Metopic Craniosynotosis and needed major cranio surgery, was the scariest day of… read more


Annabelle was diagnosed with metopic cranisynostosis at around 2 months of age. I am fairly certain that it had been fused since… read more


Braddack is our second born, he was born on November 11 2010, 11 days late. He was 9lbs 5oz an 21.5 inches,… read more


It all started on September 8, 2010. I was induced at 10 a.m. and at 6:29 p.m. my baby boy, to be… read more


When Aaden was born, we thought there was something not quite right about his head shape, but didn’t think too much of… read more


After my son Kenneth Oliver Helgeson was born, I noticed right away his head was oddly shaped. Knowing that some babies come… read more


We had discovered that Alice had craniosynostosis when she was 3 months old and it was unexpected ( she is 5 month… read more