ERICK : Born in Pembroke Pines, FL. Oct 18th @ 7lbs. 9oz.
Erick is my second child. He has a 5 year old sister named Aaliyah. Being Aaliyah never had any issues, I was not very concerned when Erick was born and noticed one eye always closed and the other open. I figured he was swollen from birth and maybe too lazy to open up both eyes all the way. But my husband insisted something wasn’t right. Then I began to look a little closer and worried maybe he had a lazy eye. We were referred to pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Bruce Miller. Turns out Erick didn’t have a lazy eye, in fact both eyes were perfect! Then Dr. Miller said, “Seems Erick might have some facial asymmetry.” “HUH?!” was my response. He told me I want you to go see my friend Dr. Eric Stelnicki. Of course I went home and researched him right away. I thought, a plastic surgeon? Why?? Then on appointment day with Dr. Stelnicki, I was a bit upset because I figured, “Erick will need a helmet.” (