I took Brysen in when he was a week and a half old to get circumcised, well the doctor wanted to look him over real good before doing the circumcision.. he told me that he was a perfectly healthy baby & i had interrupted him and asked “what are the dents on the side of his head?” he told me “i’ll take a good look right now..” well he turned on the light by the bed and examined his head, he was feeling around in the back and gave me this weird look. he than grabbed my hand and said “can you feel this” i said “yes” he explained to me that the plates in the back of his head were suppose to be gapped but they felt like they were fused together. he told me what it might be, he told me to come back when Brysen was a month old to see if the plates still felt fused together, if they did he would put in a order for a CT scan asap. we went back brysen was a month old, he examined him again & they still felt fused together so he said he would call me back later that day or within the next couple days. his nurse called me the next day asking if i was able to bring him in the next day to do a CT scan, i was scared but said yes. she told me that he would have to be sedated to keep him still in order to get good pictures. i agreed to everything.. the next day came we took off to the hospital a little after 11:30 because he had to be at the hospital a little before noon. we got there, where we met his papa, kelly & his aunty fee. the anesthesiologist explained what he would be doing to Brysen and he would wake up 20-25 minutes after the procedure, the procedure was super fast. 5 minutes, we than went home and waited for the doctor to call us with the results.. meanwhile i was waiting for Brysen to get up from the anesthesia, an hour went by i kept trying to wake him up and got nothing.. 2 hours flew by and he was still sleeping, i was trying to open his eyes for him to wake up… nothing. 3 hours came by… he was starting to feel really warm and wouldn’t wake up, i took his temp which was 102.2 so at that time i was getting worried because he should’ve been up by now.. i tried giving him a warm bath to wake him up & bring down his fever. he didn’t wake up, he took a bath with his eyes closed, i wiped him up & before i got his diaper on i checked his temp again.. his fever was down to a 101.9 it was slowly going down. so i left him in just his diaper hoping it would go down, 20 minutes later i checked again and it was 102.4; i called his aunty scared because my baby still wasn’t up & he was running a high fever for a 1 month old baby. she told me to bring him now that she would meet me at the hospital, we met her at the hospital where they brought him back to check his temp & try to wake him up. his temp was 102.2, he was starting to wake up a little but still very tired. she told me to go out in the waiting room that the doctor will be calling me shortly. i waited a couple minutes out in the waiting room, his doctor came talked to his aunty & i in the waiting room & he was very surprised that he still hasn’t woke up & was very concerned about his high fever. we brought him back, he asked if he could do lab work, the lab work came back it was good. he than asked for a urine sample, which they had to put a catheter in him, i agreed. it came back all good. he than got concerned and wanted to do a spinal tap to see if he had meningitis or anything else, he told me if he did the spinal tap on him that he would have to stay for 2 days for observation, i said yes. he did it and after that baby got admitted as we awaited for the results… it came all good, we stayed in the hospital for 2 days, doctor said it could’ve just been a virus he caught from going to the hospital that day. thank god, well 2 months pass by and we go to minneapolis for an appointment to possibly schedule surgery and go over everything. unfortunately we didn’t get a date for the surgery but we did know when the surgery would be performed.. the doctor wanted to do surgery at 4 months, (a month later) a week passes by and we still haven’t got a call back with a surgery date so i call them and i ended up getting a surgery date set for June 7th. as we awaited for the day that he would go through surgery we focused on him.. June 5th came we had to leave to Minneapolis for baby’s surgery. June 6th he had to be there for early appointments, 3 of them. we got them all done, took a tour of the hospital and got everything ready for the next day, June 7th came we had to be checked in at 11:30, Brysens surgery was at 1. we checked in after getting lost! lol. anyways, the nurse called baby back… mom and aunty fee went back with him, she said that it might be awhile that doctor wood and doctor graupman were still in surgery with another patient.. we waited and waited, we had multiple people coming in and explaining everything to us. it was about 2 when they come to take brysen for surgery, we went into the waiting room. that hour seem to drag on, i was constantly wondering if my baby was alright, if everything was going as planned. it was almost 3 when they called and said that they were just stitching up brysens head and that everything went good. they would be out shortly to come get us to go see him in PACU. we waited and waited they didn’t come get us so i had to go bug the woman at the desk, she called back there and they come to get his aunty & i a few minutes later to go back and see him. as i was walking through that long hallway i was nervous, scared.. to see my baby fresh out of surgery, this wasn’t just a little surgery it was a major surgery.. we got to his room, he was laying there still sleeping with a turban on his head. i went beside his bed and grabbed his hand and broke down. it was so hard, my baby was so pitiful, he didn’t look like my baby. the nurse loaded him up & moved him to the PICU where his dad and two auntys were waiting for him. we got up there and i knew they were shocked and feeling all kinds of emotions like his aunty & i were. he laid there sleeping, waking up off and on crying. he was heavily medicated, the next day they had moved us to the regular floor for recovery. that day baby was slowly getting swollen all over in his face, very fussy, it was scary holding him because of the IVS & his head. later that day a lady come to take his turban off, when she took it off his head looked so so good, but was still scary because it was stitched all around. that night, the swelling was getting worst, next day it was way worst than the first day.. he had a long terrible day. it finally starting going down towards that night, he was doing so good. LOVED being carried, he hated being on the bed alone. he was so used of sleeping with mom and always in my arms. the next day he was able to get discharged, it was very early in the morning when he got discharged, we left right away to get home sooner. baby was somewhat good on the trip, still in a lot of pain. it was a little over a month before all the stitches fell off. today as of 3 months he is doing so so good! he got amazing results!!! my little craniosynostosis warrior is my idol! i can’t believe i gave birth to this true fighter ❤️❤️