Brayden Jackson born on July 1st 2017, along with his twin brother Greysen Jackson,  They were born on Canada day 150! We were so ready to meet the amazing boys. Brayden was twin A, but he was smaller than his brother, the best outcome for them was to come by c-section.
When the boys were born, we noticed that Brayden had an odd shaped heard, the back of his head was flat.  The doctors did an x-ray when he was 1 day old, and at that time his head was looking good.
When Brayden was 9 months old, he still had a different head shape and it looked to be getting worse. I demanded that we see a pediatrician, because I had a feeling.  When we went to see him he sent us to the IWK to get looked at. The doctor there did an MRI and we found out that Brayden had Mercedes Benz Lambdoid Craniosynostosis along with his brain being pushed down.
It was heartbreaking to know that my baby was going to be going for 2 surgeries.  The first surgery was on July 6, 2018, to have distractors and hardware put in.  It took 6 hours for it to be done, and he was put in the PICU for the night.  I was strong most of the time, but I broke down as soon as I saw him after his surgery.  We had to turn the distractors 1mm for 30 days to expand his head 30mm.
The second surgery was August 6th 2018, to have the distractors taken out and a Jolly rancher type plate was put in.
A year ago, he had no interest to walk and was not saying very many words.
Today, he does not walk…..he runs everywhere, lol and is getting better with talking.  He is going to be seeing a speech and hearing specialist within the next couple months, and he continues to see an eye doctor every couple months to check his lazy eye that he had before the surgery.
So far it’s not getting worse. He is my little hero!