He was diagnosed with bilateral coronal at 12 months old after 6 long months of fighting a doctor for a refferal. He had distractor surgery at 13 months old. Then 4 weeks of turning the distractors. Then at 16 months old he underwent cvr/foa with distractor removal. He ended up having a seziure that night in PICU that lasted 25 minutes. Flash forward to this year when he was 2 years 3 months old he was diagnosed yet again but with multiple sutures fussed. He currently has both coronal, squamosal, lambdodial and sagittal sutures fussed. The plan is for 3 different surgries over the course of 2020. He went in January 3, 2020 for distractors again but this time to expand both sides of his head rather than the back like last time. Once turning is complete they will go in and remove the distractors and do a bone graph fill in for several holes he has on the front part of the skull. Once fully healed from the second surgery he will then go back in for foa again to correct the front of the skull. He will be 2.5 years old at the time of the next surgery. He will be 3 June 9, 2020.