Isaac – Sagittal

isaac4I had our third baby boy on May 28th and we noticed after we brought Isaac home from the hospital that he had a really long head and a slight ridge across the top as well. I thought it would work itself out as he grew. He had his 2 month appointment and I mentioned it to the doctor and just passed it off until he started to feel around and called another practitioner in. My heart sank and I knew something was wrong. He gave me the run down of what might need to happen and said it could he Craniosynostosis. He wanted to wait another month to see what would happen and that’s when he sent us in for an X-Ray. I knew as soon as I saw the scan but I waited for the results. The doctor called us an hour later to refer us to a neurosurgeon and to set up the appointment. That Thursday we went in and she gave us our options of endoscopic surgery somewhere else or total cranial vault here in town. We went home thinking tcv was our only option until I showed my husband a blog I had found. We immediately decided to go the endoscopic route and call the doctor in San Antonio Texas that day. We had everything set up by the next week and Isaac went in for endoscopic surgery October 1st. It was the hardest thing to see him lying there in so much pain but we were so happy that he did so good during surgery. We left the next day for the hotel and he was back to normal by the second day and baby was back! He’s now in a helmet 23 hours a day and receives a new one every 3 months. He’s done so well with everything and it’s like nothing has ever happened. We are so, so grateful to have doctors to treat something most parents can barely pronounce or even know exists!
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