Aubrey – Sagittal

unnamed (54)Aubrey was born 1/27/15.  My lactation consultant noticed her head shape at my visit when she was about 1 1/2 weeks old.  We then brought it up to our pediatrician at our next visit, and we were referred to the University of Michigan.  At 2 months old at her visit they informed us she had Sagittal Synostosis, and set up a surgery date for 8/19/15.  It was quite shocking to find out she needed surgery for her skull.  I had never heard of craniosynostosis!  We did get a second opinion from Dr. Fearon in Texas, and got another consult by Dr. Buchman at the University of Michigan, and decided to stay local.  The 4 1/2 months of waiting on the surgery day was very hard, but I had faith that everything would be okay.  I met another mom whose son had the surgery at U of M a year and a half ago, and that helped a lot.  Having a support network helped ease my fears.  I checked the Craniosynostosis support page on Facebook often.

We received our Cranio Care Bears care package before the surgery (pictured below) which was so appreciated!  What a great organization.  She had her prayer chain and blanket with her at the hospital.   The surgery was on a Wednesday (8/19/15). It lasted 8.5 hours and the waiting was so hard, but we got through it and when we got to see Aubrey afterwards my heart was so happy she was OK. After they took the bandages off, the swelling was unnerving!  We stayed in the PICU for 2 days then moved to the regular floor and were released on Saturday.  We left earlier than I expected, and although scared to go home with no nurses, it was nice to get to the comforts of home.  The first week was rough, with no sleeping and crying  a lot.  Seeing her in pain is the hardest thing for a mother to witness.  But she is slowly getting better.  The swelling is going down some, and she has laughed and smiled which is wonderful.  Thanks for letting me share my story.  We love our first haircut by a neurosurgeon onesie!  We are grateful for our baby’s healthy new head!!!
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