Success Stories


Having your first baby is a journey.  Everything is new, exciting, stressful, and sometimes hard.  With my second baby I was more… read more


Nicholas was scheduled to be delivered via a C-section on Columbus Day, 2016. I’ve always heard that once you schedule a cesarean… read more


I took Brysen in when he was a week and a half old to get circumcised, well the doctor wanted to look… read more


  Theo’s Cranio Story On July 15, 2015, our hearts burst with joy as we welcomed our sweet baby Theo into this… read more


Colin’s doctor mentioned to us that he may have craniosynostosis when he was around 4 weeks old, but that we should just… read more


Up until Samantha was six months old, I didn’t give much thought to the abnormal shape of her head. But suddenly a… read more


On December 6th, 2010, at 12:42 pm, our sweet little boy was born. Just days before, we found out that Charlie was… read more


September 2010 was the month we found out Mercedes had metopic synostosis, at the time it was mild no surgery required. We… read more


Matthew was born on March 27th 2011 weighing 8 pounds 14 ounces, 21 and 3/4 inches. My Dr. showed no concern over… read more


We found out we were pregnant on July 11, 2008! We were due March 9th, 2009. We had a high-risk pregnancy but… read more


This is our story of our baby girl’s journey through Sagittal Synostosis: Our daughter was born July 28, 2010. She was beautiful… read more


On 2/22/2008 we tested positive for pregnancy. After just going through a blighted ovum (pregnancy where the sac developed and the baby… read more