Success Stories

Here are a few stories that families wanted to share of their cranio journey. If you would like your story listed below, please email along with a picture if you would like!

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Giovanni – Sagittal


Barron – Metopic

Darcy – Sagittal


Alice – Sagittal


Kenneth – Sagittal


Amelia – Bi-Coronal & Saethre-Chotzen


Luke – Sagittal


Kamden – Metopic




Michael – Metopic


Sarah – Bi-Coronal


Vismita – Coronal


Amelia – Metopic


Landon – Sagittal


Isaac – Sagittal


Sofia – Bilateral-Nasal Dysplasia


Londyn – Sagittal

Noah Pre surgery

Noah – Metopic


James – Sagittal

Quinn Janssen

Quinn – Bicoronal


Ezra – Sagittal


Jack – Sagittal

unnamed (54)

Aubrey – Sagittal

Helmet love

Jack – Sagittal


Caroline – Coronal


Gibson – Coronal

Baby Isaac4

Isaac – Sagittal & Lambdoid


Jayla – Sagittal


Addison – Sagittal


Ayden – Sagittal


Jacob – Metopic


Noah – Metopic


Bracie – Bi-Coronal


Andrew – Sagittal


Audrianna – Sagittal


Camden – Coronal


Ella – Crouzons/Phiefer Syndrome


Dyllan – Coronal & Lambdoid


Isabella – Lambdoid


Nikhil – Metopic


Emilio – Sagittal


Jana Marie – Coronal

image (18)

Briggs – Sagittal

photo 2 (3)sdf

Cole – Metopic


Simeon – Metopic


Cole – Sagittal

IMG_73057653478048 (2)

Riley – Coronal


Ben – Sagittal

Colton – Sagittal


Victoria – Sagittal


Brendan – Metopic and Sagittal

Day 2

Leo – Sagittal


Emmett – Sagittal


Asher – Sagittal


Camden – Sagittal

Olivia3Month2 (2)

Olivia Grace – Coronal


Audrey – Sagittal


Kaleb – Lambdoid

IMG_3009 (2)

Hayden – Sagittal


Emmett – Metopic


Adley – Metopic


Benjamin – Sagittal

Pics off new iphone 3394

Leonardo – Sagittal


Addison – Sagittal

Cover May31 (2)

Logan – Sagittal & Coronal

979947_10100528557623286_981403116_o-1 (2)

Balian – Sagittal

Rocco.Newborn.July 2012 (2)

Rocco – Coronal


Austin – Sagittal


Braydon – Sagittal

divan after op3

Divan El-Jay – Sagittal

Before surgery

Amelia – Cloverleaf


Ryan – Sagittal


Parker – Sagittal

image (2)

Joseph – Metopic


Alice – Coronal


Paxton – Sagittal


Londyn – Sagittal

TGH 3 Weeks

Taylor – Coronal


Cameron – Metopic

liam 4

Liam – Sagittal


Madalyn – Craniofrontonasal Dysplasia


Kassidy – Sagittal


Michael – Sagittal


Rylee – Sagittal


Owen – Sagittal


Hope – Sagittal

new helmet

Evan – Sagittal


Mason – Metopic


Kanon – Metopic


Alec – Metopic

Caleb before

Caleb – Sagittal


Jacob – Sagittal

2 months post opside view

Mason – Sagittal


Jeremiah – Sagittal


Hailey – Sagittal & Coronal


Sawyer – Sagittal


Quinn – Metopic


Bryndal – Coronal/Lambdoid


Morgan – Sagittal


Jackson – Sagittal


Aiden – Sagittal


Graci – Sagittal


Matthew – Sagittal


William – Sagittal


Alexa – Coronal



Matthew Post-Op

Matthew – Sagittal

6 days post op afternoon

Lucy – Sagittal


Mackenzie – Sagittal


Maximus – Sagittal


Ellee – Metopic


Mark – Sagittal


Keegan – Sagittal

1 month out from surgery

Julian – Sagittal

~Isaac blog 1

Isaac – Metopic


JoJo – Sagittal


Timberleigh – Sagittal


Eisley – Metopic


Gavin – Sagittal


Damian – Sagittal


Sydney – Coronal


Myles – Coronal


Riley – Coronal


Sara – Metopic

Bella's First G-O -- 1.7.10 039



Gage – Sagittal


Max – Metopic


Ellasyn – Sagittal


Natali – Pfeiffer Syndrome


Jonah – Sagittal

Valorie package

Valerie – Sagittal


Matthew – Sagittal


Parker – Sagittal


Zander – Metopic


Zachary – Metopic


Nikkolous – Sagittal

brycen surgery 2

Brycen – Sagittal


Eagon – Sagittal


Connor – Sagittal


Erick – Coronal


Emmit – Lambdoid


Aiden – Metopic


Dakota – Sagittal


Austin – Lambdoid


Elise – Sagittal


Gavin – Sagittal


Matthew – Metopic


Mercedes – Metopic


Charlie – Metopic


Samantha – Sagittal


Styles – Sagittal


Owen – Coronal


Fiona – Metopic


Mateo – Sagittal


Nolan – Frontosphenoidal


Cole – Metopic


James – Sagittal


John & Andrew – Sagittal


CJ – Metopic


Aleah – Frontosphenoidal


Braddack – Metopic


Annabelle – Metopic


Carson – Metopic


Aaden – Sagittal

Thank You's

Success Stories

Swift Family – Just wanted to write you a note of thanks for the care package. We received the care package days before Owen’s surgery at just the right time, when we needed a bit of extra love & “care.”  As I pulled each item out I thought of how useful and handy it was or how heartfelt and nice it was to have been included.  We especially loved the handmade prayer chain which did adorn Owen’s hospital crib.  I truly am grateful for and organization such as yours & that you’re willing to help cranio families when they need it most.  We will never forget your generosity & please know that someday we will help Owen understand that Cranio Care Bears reached out to help him and his family so humbly.

Becky W. – Our care package arrived today, and it was such a treat!  The beautiful outfit, the adorable shoes and accessories, toiletries, all of it, are so very appreciated!  I love that we have a handmade blanket, and when I read the messages on the ribbon chain, tears came to my eyes.  I can’t tell you how much comfort I received from seeing the care that went into this package, and I feel as though friends are holding my hand.  You are doing a wonderful thing in taking the obstacles that have come into your family’s life and making it an opportunity to touch other people.  Thank you so much!

Amanda P. – We have recieved our care package and were beyond amazed at the work, effort and love that went into making it! The people behind this effort are absolutly wonderful. Thank you to everyone :) Colton is a blanket lover all the way and got so excited about his new blanky. We loved the prayer chain as well, what a great uplifting idea. So thank you again to all the people who have given their time to put other families a little more at ease during their tough journey to get to the “other side”
Ednita L. –  In March 6th 2012 my baby girl Eliana Liz Lopez had her surgery and I can honestly say that it was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I thank you so much for your care package it went to great use and we really appreciate it.  You girls are amazing and have help through alot.
Hart Family-Thank you! We received the care package and it was very helpful. The cross word puzzle book consumed the waiting and anxious hours at UVA hospital for my husband. The mints cured my queasy nervous stomach and the gum was very helpful for that joyish cottonmouth from the wonderful hospital air. Knowing that others have been down that rocky road and there was a place to reach out for support was wonderful!!!  He is a very happy, smiling, bubbly little 4 and 1/2 month old baby boy. Again thank you for caring and the support!!!!! XOXOX, Travis, Sheryl, Natalie, Mackenzie, and Robbie Hart
Nicholas Family -My family got our care package this weekend, and I want to thank you. The gifts were so thoughtful and beautiful. The hats you sent were the first hats yet to fit Lara correctly. The prayer chain brought tears to my eyes. It is wonderful to know there are people out there who went through this and overcame it.These first three months have been eventful, stressful, and agonizing. But it is wonderful to know there are people out there who understand.
Sadhna R. – Zara is in the other side and recovering well. You will never know what a big part you played in our lives the time leading up to, during and after the surgery. Your prayers and thoughts and those of so many other people we didn’t know kept us positive and hopefully. Your are truly amazing people. We loved our care package which came in good time but unfortunately I couldn’t go through until the day before the surgery as it just made everything so real. It was well thought out and had so many very useful things. My favorite was the prayer chain which we hung over Zara’s cot the entire time she was in hospital and I will treasure  and pass on to her when she’s older.
Permetti Family – We just wanted to say THANK YOU. Thank you for providing us and other families with a place to feel they are not alone, a place where we find support, advice and for all the fabulous care packages you send out to all our amazing cranio princes and princesses. I personally would like to say thank you for what you have provided for me and my family. Wyatt’s first two surgeries were so tough for the fact alone of facing surgery, but also because we felt alone. Wyatt’s third surgery was still very tough, but easier knowing we weren’t alone and had somewhere to turn, we had an outlet of support from people who really know what it’s like. No words could express the gratitude we have for Cranio Care Bears, what you two have created and are doing is a true BLESSING.
Graham N. – I want to thank-you again for the wonderful care package.  It was incredibly helpful.  We particularly appreciated the lovely blanket (which provided just the right amount of warmth in the hospital room).  In addition, the loose-fitting hat was perfect, as we could put it on Marshall’s head without any worry of pressuring his incision sight.  We are enormously appreciative.
Patricia M. – I just wanted to thank you for my care package! it was wonderful and i used almost everything in it. My sons prayer chain is now hanging on his wall, surgery is over and he is doing fantastic! thank you so much!
Vidya – Thank You Shelby and Summer! We received the care package today. I LOVE the prayer chain, it is so special to receive blessings from other cranio moms. You guys are doing a wonderful job. Thank you again, for your love and support.
Nadine P. – I just received the care package today and everything went immediately into the “hospital bag”. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I found your website while I was searching for support for Katherine’s surgery and what you are doing is so wonderful. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do!!Thank you again for the care package and for all of the prayers!
Kim D. – We just received our package from you in the mail…It was absolutely wonderful and filled our hearts up!!    I loved it all..what  goes into those packages is overwhelming and what a wonderful testament that someone is so caring in this day and age.   We are so appreciative of your generosity and time given to our family by your organization.  And the prayer chain is such a comfort just knowing that we have it for him when he is in the hospital….I just told my husband today that today seemed like a hard day because the surgery is one week from today, not sure why in my mind that was making a difference but, time has gone so fast since the day we found out. Its hard to believe we are only one week away, so it was truly a blessing to get your package today.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we will also be praying for all of you!!
Jaime D. – Nathan got his box today!! Thank you so much! He’s wearing his hat and pretending to be a doctor. Him and his brother are using the blanket and pillowcase pretending to be in the “hosible” and giving shots. He liked his shoes too! He kept telling Daddy that he had to wear those at the “hosible”! Thank you again!!!!
Courtney S. – Thank you Cranio Care Bears for the care package you sent us for Tate’s surgery next Wednesday.  He loves his hat!!  Our family appreciates everything you do for Cranio families.  God Bless You!
Dee D. – I just wanted to thank Shelby and Summer and the ones who donated for the wonderful care package that my daughter Raelynn Ann received today in the mail. It will definitely make the stay at the hospital a little bit better!!! Thank you soooo much!!! Please pray for her that day (1/4/2012) when she goes for her first (and hopefully last) surgery!!
Heather M. – We got Ember’s package yesterday. Thank you so much! I started crying a little looking through it, each item is so helpful & thoughtful! My husband got really quiet, which means he felt like crying too :) We didn’t let Ember look yet because we wanted the things for her to be a surprise, I know she’s going to love them & I’m so glad she’ll have those gifts to bring her some happiness while she’s in pain. Thank you!!
Angela C. – We got brandons care package the other day. He loves it. He’s super jazzed to color and sculpt once he can see again. And he comandeered the deoderant cause “its for men mama. I’m 7 now. Thats a man” lol. Thank you so much ladies :)
Megan G. – Got our Care Package today and it is amazing. I’m so glad that I have found these resources online and that they are still caring people in the world. We go next Thursday and I’m sure everything will be very useful. Xander was interested in his prayer chain and his big sister Chloe said, “It was so nice of the mail man to bring this for bubba for his surgery.” Again thanks so much ♥.
Catherine R. – Thank you so very much for Brooklyn Cate’s care package. I loved it! I plan on sharing your organization along with Cranio Angel Network on my blog tomorrow and wanted to give you a heads up! Thanks again!!!
Jennifer M. – I wanted to Thank You again for the care package!!! The hat was a lifesaver!! After they took the dressing off his head, the change in pressure really scared him.  He refused to take this hat off until the morning we were discharged!! He loved it!! Just wanted you to know how useful all these items were! Thanks Again!!!!
Kristen D. – Thank you so much for the wonderful care package.  The blanket was so soft and provided so much comfort.  Loved the prayer chain and all the goodies, just so thoughtful.
Sarah C. – So thankful to have received your care package. I think my favorite thing in there was the ibuprofen!  Used that one more than once!!!
Joyce A. – THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I love it! I love the cute sailboat hat and Jackson smiled when I showed him the blanket and the prayer chain. Funny, I was going to buy myself a journal just the other day…I’m so glad I waited!
Margaux L. – Hazel’s prayer chain was on her crib throughout her stay in the hospital. She was holding on to it just as we were getting ready to leave to go home! It meant so much to have the chain with us as a symbol of strength from mom’s who’ve traveled the road before us. Thank you again.
Amanda V. – We really appreciate the support and care package.  You are so very thoughtful and it has meant so much to us.  We received a lot of comments the prayer chain and were able to tell others about your organization.  Some of the nurses had even seen prayer chains before.
Carrie L. – We are a little more than one week away from surgery and today we received our care package from Cranio Care Bears. I wanted to thank them for sending us such a wonderful package of goodies, necessities and a great prayer ribbon chain.  Anxieties seem to be increasing the closer we get to surgery date. Please keep our little guy in your prayers as his surgery approaches. It was easy to think I was prepared but as we get closer I find myself wondering how i will handle the emotions. In our Care Bear package was a prayer ribbon with a quote. I will leave it here for now and hope I find this to be true come surgery day, and the recovery to come after.  “Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.” Thank you Cranio Care Bears!
Lisa M. – It’s true what they say, kids are resilient.  He has amazed us with his recovery and we feel so blessed that he has done so well.  I found your care packages and website to be invaluable.  I felt completely lost when my son was diagnosed and it was a comfort finding your organization because you both truly understand having been through it with your own children.  Thanks for all that you do, it is greatly appreciated!
Abel, Caitlyn, & Sara- I personally want to thank you for sending my family a Cranio Care Bears package. Words could not describe the feelings when we opened the care package. It gave me hope and peace. It was so encouraging to read what was written on the prayer ribbon chain, and I will be sure to hang it on her bed after surgery (October 13th). Once I opened the package, I had to use the tissues inside because of all the overwhelming love that went into making it. Thank you so much for praying for my little Sara.
We received a care package for my son’s surgery last week, and we just love the super soft wubbie and cute little hat! He looks adorable in the hat, and the wubbie is perfect for snuggling. Your gifts mean so much to us. Thank you very much!!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful package. Mikenna LOVES the wubbie! Thanks for thinking of us.

Christie M., NC
I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful poem that was included in the care package for my son Andrew. I was so touched by the kindness and generosity of all the members. Every time I read the peom I cry as I am only 4 days away from surgery but it gives me hope and thank I can’t thank you enough.

Michelle G., Washington

I couldn’t have gotten through the whole surgery process without you! What you are doing is incredible.
Charity C. – Florida
Thank u thank u from the bottom of my heart!
Anita D. – Montana

Thank you so much for all you have done for all families going through what Nicolle, Pete and Styles went through.
Kelly W.  – Texas
We received Cole’s care package yesterday. Thank you so much! You are wonderful and we really appreciate what you do!
Katylynn W.
I just wanted to tell you, that you are all doing an amazing thing. It truly is the small things that matter to someone in times like these. Just to know that someone is thinking of your little one puts you at ease just the slightest bit. So, Thank You for all you do.
Carol C. – NSW, Australia
Thank you so much for the parcel which I received today for Roans upcoming surgery. Thank you for all the very thoughtful stuff. We will let you know how it all goes xxx
Bianca L. – Indiana
My little baby Dante just went into surgery.. this care package is some kind of amazing! thank you all so much
Rebecca L. – Victoria, Australia
Harper’s package arrived today just in time for her surgery, thank you so much! She is out of surgery now and doing well
Kristin R. – Kansas
By the way guys, loved loved loved the prayer chain. So beautiful and thoughtful, it hung on Nolans crib the whole time he was in the hospital! And the care package was amazing, you are doing wonderful things!
Karen C. – Texas
Got our care package in the mail today…thank you guys soooooo much! It’s encouraging to know that so many have been in our shoes before. We are soooooo ready to be “on the other side!”
Amy C. – Wisconsin
Thank you for the package and prayer chain! ? We loved it and use/d it!
Rachel N. – Texas
Thank you, thank you, thank you for our care package. I cried happy tears and was so touched by your thoughtfulness! What a blessing you gave my family today!
Kris W.
Thanks Cranio Bears for sending my sis and Jaxson care packages!! She loved them!!!
Tara M. – New Jersey
We received our Cranio Care Bears package, and I am so moved to tears on how kind you all are….thank you so much….The prayer chain will go right over her crib in PICU, and we know you are all with us…thank you so very much! Also Gabriella immediately staked claim on the Princess fleece blanket and won’t let it go! LOL! THANK YOU! Our family thanks you!!!!!
Cranio Angel Network
Cranio Care Bears ROCK! Shelby & Summer are awesome! We are so lucky to have you ladies in our Cranio-community supporting our Cranio-families!!!! xoxoxo MUAH!!!
Elizabeth K.
Thank you thank you thank you for the great package we received today! Isaac is super excited about his “stuff”…and the prayer chain made me cry. (I may be a little emotional right now.) Thank you so much. You are such a blessing.
Kimberly L. – Arizona
We received the care package for Jayden! Thank you SO much!
Megan M. – Pennsylvania
Thank you Summer Ehmann and the rest of the Cranio Care Bears family for the wonderful gift package for Gavin! :) What you all do is such a wonderful thing, and I know it is appreciated by everyone who is involved. Thank you again!!
Jaime H. – Oregon
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the gift basket we received in the mail for Emmett’s surgery. His surgery is this Tuesday at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Oregon. Our emotions are all over the place.
Amanda A. – Georgia
I received Greyson’s care package today and want to thank you and everyone else SO much! It brings tears to my eyes. You are truly a remarkable woman for doing what you do!
Marilin M. – Florida
I wanted to thank you ALL for the care package. It feels good to know that your not alone in these types of situations, that there are people out there who don’t personally know you and care. It brought tears of joy to my husband and I, when we received the care package. Also the heartwarming letter that had crayon coloring all over it I loved it so much I plan to frame it and hang it on angies nursery.(ty G1(G2’s big sister)) Angelina will be having her surgery this Thursday June 9th.
Janna D. – Illinois
Lena LOVES her blanket!!! It hasn’t left her side since the hospital! Thank you so much! It is a wonderful reminder of the support all of you have given to us.
Dayana R. – California
Just got the care package today…Vianna loves the hats….Thank you so much for all you do for families like mine. If you need anything please let me know.
Michelle A. – Missouri
We received our package today thank you soo very much!! :)
Kristina N. – Virginia
I got your package today! Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts. You are a generous group of ladies. I feel so lucky to have come across your organization. You truly do amazing work and help us get through some of the toughest obstacles of our lives!! Keep up the great work! :)
Lisa F. – New York
Thank you all for the wonderful care package for Brayden this week!! You are all so amazing for doing this and sending comfort to complete strangers!! Brayden loved it and so did my husband and I! We couldn’t believe all the thought and love that went into it :) xoxo thanks bunches!!!!
Tracy P. – Florida
Colten loves his care package ~ surgery was 04-11-11. Thank you for making his day!
Julie R. – Scotland
Just wanted to say thank you so much for Mollie’s care package, its so thoughtfully put together and means a lot. Especially loved the card and messages x
Rebecca H. – Tennessee
Julianna loves her blanket she had to take it to school with her this morning. Thank you so much
Michelle W.
Thank you so much for the care package! You are so thoughtful! We especially loved the letters.
Kimberly – New York
We received our care package today. Its awesome!!!! There are things in it I would have forgotten. Your organization is awesome.
Proud mommy of Ava Jane – Canada
We got the package today! It was wonderful! Thank you so much…
Ava’s sleeping with her blanky tonight (and the card brought my mom and I to tears).
It’s wonderful that you guys do this…Thank you again. Very, VERY thoughtful. Xoxoxoxo