Success Stories

Here are a few stories that families wanted to share of their cranio journey. If you would like your story listed below, please email along with a picture if you would like!

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Thank You's

We received a care package for my son's surgery last week, and we just love the super soft wubbie and cute little hat! He looks adorable in the hat, and the wubbie is perfect for snuggling. Your gifts mean so much to us. Thank you very much!!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful package. Mikenna LOVES the wubbie! Thanks for thinking of us.

Christie M., NC
I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful poem that was included in the care package for my son Andrew. I was so touched by the kindness and generosity of all the members. Every time I read the peom I cry as I am only 4 days away from surgery but it gives me hope and thank I can't thank you enough.

Michelle G., Washington

I couldn't have gotten through the whole surgery process without you! What you are doing is incredible.

Charity C. - Florida
Thank u thank u from the bottom of my heart!

Anita D. - Montana

Thank you so much for all you have done for all families going through what Nicolle, Pete and Styles went through.

Kelly W.  - Texas
We received Cole's care package yesterday. Thank you so much! You are wonderful and we really appreciate what you do!

Katylynn W.
I just wanted to tell you, that you are all doing an amazing thing. It truly is the small things that matter to someone in times like these. Just to know that someone is thinking of your little one puts you at ease just the slightest bit. So, Thank You for all you do.

Carol C. - NSW, Australia
Thank you so much for the parcel which I received today for Roans upcoming surgery. Thank you for all the very thoughtful stuff. We will let you know how it all goes xxx

Bianca L. - Indiana
My little baby Dante just went into surgery.. this care package is some kind of amazing! thank you all so much

Rebecca L. - Victoria, Australia
Harper's package arrived today just in time for her surgery, thank you so much! She is out of surgery now and doing well ?

Kristin R. - Kansas
By the way guys, loved loved loved the prayer chain. So beautiful and thoughtful, it hung on Nolans crib the whole time he was in the hospital! And the care package was amazing, you are doing wonderful things!

Karen C. - Texas
Got our care package in the mail today...thank you guys soooooo much! It's encouraging to know that so many have been in our shoes before. We are soooooo ready to be "on the other side!"

Amy C. - Wisconsin
Thank you for the package and prayer chain! ? We loved it and use/d it!

Rachel N. - Texas
Thank you, thank you, thank you for our care package. I cried happy tears and was so touched by your thoughtfulness! What a blessing you gave my family today!

Kris W.
Thanks Cranio Bears for sending my sis and Jaxson care packages!! She loved them!!!

Tara M. - New Jersey
We received our Cranio Care Bears package, and I am so moved to tears on how kind you all are....thank you so much....The prayer chain will go right over her crib in PICU, and we know you are all with us...thank you so very much! Also Gabriella immediately staked claim on the Princess fleece blanket and won't let it go! LOL! THANK YOU ? Our family thanks you!!!!!

Cranio Angel Network
Cranio Care Bears ROCK! Shelby & Summer are awesome! We are so lucky to have you ladies in our Cranio-community supporting our Cranio-families!!!! xoxoxo ? ? ? MUAH ? ? ?

Elizabeth K.
Thank you thank you thank you for the great package we received today! Isaac is super excited about his "stuff"...and the prayer chain made me cry. (I may be a little emotional right now.) Thank you so much. You are such a blessing.

Kimberly L. - Arizona
We received the care package for Jayden! Thank you SO much!

Megan M. - Pennsylvania
Thank you Summer Ehmann and the rest of the Cranio Care Bears family for the wonderful gift package for Gavin! :) What you all do is such a wonderful thing, and I know it is appreciated by everyone who is involved. Thank you again!!

Jaime H. - Oregon
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the gift basket we received in the mail for Emmett's surgery. His surgery is this Tuesday at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Oregon. Our emotions are all over the place.

Amanda A. - Georgia
I received Greyson's care package today and want to thank you and everyone else SO much! It brings tears to my eyes. You are truly a remarkable woman for doing what you do!

Marilin M. - Florida
I wanted to thank you ALL for the care package. It feels good to know that your not alone in these types of situations, that there are people out there who don?t personally know you and care. It brought tears of joy to my husband and I, when we received the care package. Also the heartwarming letter that had crayon coloring all over it I loved it so much I plan to frame it and hang it on angies nursery.(ty G1(G2's big sister)) Angelina will be having her surgery this Thursday June 9th.

Janna D. - Illinois
Lena LOVES her blanket!!! It hasn't left her side since the hospital! Thank you so much! It is a wonderful reminder of the support all of you have given to us.

Dayana R. - California
Just got the care package today...Vianna loves the hats....Thank you so much for all you do for families like mine. If you need anything please let me know.

Michelle A. - Missouri
We received our package today thank you soo very much!! :)

Kristina N. - Virginia
I got your package today! Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts. You are a generous group of ladies. I feel so lucky to have come across your organization. You truly do amazing work and help us get through some of the toughest obstacles of our lives!! Keep up the great work! :)

Lisa F. - New York
Thank you all for the wonderful care package for Brayden this week!! You are all so amazing for doing this and sending comfort to complete strangers!! Brayden loved it and so did my husband and I! We couldn?t believe all the thought and love that went into it :) xoxo thanks bunches!!!!

Tracy P. - Florida
Colten loves his care package ~ surgery was 04-11-11. Thank you for making his day!

Julie R. - Scotland
Just wanted to say thank you so much for Mollie's care package, its so thoughtfully put together and means a lot. Especially loved the card and messages x

Rebecca H. - Tennessee
Julianna loves her blanket she had to take it to school with her this morning. Thank you so much

Michelle W.
Thank you so much for the care package! You are so thoughtful! We especially loved the letters.

Kimberly - New York
We received our care package today. Its awesome!!!! There are things in it I would have forgotten. Your organization is awesome.

Proud mommy of Ava Jane - Canada
We got the package today! It was wonderful! Thank you so much...
Ava's sleeping with her blanky tonight (and the card brought my mom and I to tears).
It's wonderful that you guys do this...
Thank you again. Very, VERY thoughtful. Xoxoxoxo