Giovanni – Sagittal

IMG_5498When Giovanni was two months old his head size grew 20%. Our┬ádoctor advised us to take him for a brain scan to rule out fluid or a tumor. This had to be one of the worst days of our lives. Thankfully the scan came back clear. However the head growth didn’t sit well with me so I asked our doctor to recommend a neurologist to take Giovanni to. We made an appointment for the following month. At our next well check, our doctor informed us Giovanni head was much more elongated then most babies and he was concerned his skull had prematurely fused. The next day the neurologist confirmed our doctors concern and his surgery was set up within the next two weeks. I cried the whole time we were with the doctor and staff, who were all wonderful people! We also found out big heads run in the family! Giovanni went for surgery at 4 months. The surgery took longer because they could not find his veins because he was so chunky. After two hours our neurosurgeon ran up four flights of steps to tell us he did well. During the night in the picu he took his dressing off his head! And needed a transfusion. The next days at home to follow were hard, he mostly cried and was scared to lay down. However after time he slowly became himself again and was truly recovered in two weeks like the doctor told us. He received a great follow up report and 4 month report. As you will see he does not have a helmet because we chose the more aggressive surgery where more bone was taken. I am happy to say at 10 months he has made and is continuing to make all his milestones on time and is a happy little boy.

IMG_4076 IMG_4148