Parker – Sagittal

Here is my baby Parker Daniel Hunt! He was born with Craniosynostosis. He had a surgery in April 2010, and they told us it was a success, which little did we know 7 months later things took a turn for the worst! We were so heartbroken to have to watch our little man lay there in so much pain and so helpless.  We had to stay strong for him, even though inside I felt so helpless and broken.  I just wanted it to be me going through all of that rather then him.


He was so little to have to fight such a big battle not only once, but twice. He ended up having another surgery in December, and Cranio Care Bears had sent us a care package and you both were so supportive!  We were over 300 miles away from family and only had each other and the prayer chain that hung over his bed everyday to remind us even though we were far away we had tons of people behind us.  Now today 3 months after his second surgery we go back often for checkups crossing our fingers that his skull and brain grows and develops the right way.  We were told that he will have another surgery around school age but we are hoping for no more before that!  But he is doing really great right now and even though all he’s been through, he is still such a happy baby! Thank you so much for all your support and love!!! Parker thanks you too!! You guys are angels!!