Jonah – Sagittal

We welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Jonah, into the world on December 13, 2011. He was 3 weeks early and arrived by C-section. About 12 hours after his birth, the on-call pediatrician felt a ridge on his head. She said it was most likely just an overlap of bones because of a difficult delivery, but to keep an eye on it. Thanks to this early detection, my husband and I were able to stay on top of it. At Jonah’s 2 month pediatrician appointment, we were told that his head shape was abnormal and were referred to a craniofacial specialist. We saw the plastic surgeon, Dr. Goldstein in Scottsdale, Arizona two weeks later on March 13, 2012. He diagnosed Jonah with Sagittal Craniosynostosis just by feel. He ordered a CT Scan and told us that Jonah would need surgery. Since he was diagnosed so young, Jonah was a candidate for a less invasive surgery if it was done within 3 weeks. He had his CT scan on March 21, 2012. Jonah’s journey moved very quickly. It was scary to think of our young baby having surgery, but I am so relieved that we did not have to sit around and wait and worry for months and months. Around this time, we found an amazing “Cranio family” online, which was so encouraging and supportive. What a blessing!

On Monday, March 26, we met Dr. Elton, the pediatric neurosurgeon. It all became so real at that point. On Wednesday of that same week, we got a phone call at 7:00 AM saying we needed to take Jonah to get blood work that morning because his surgery had been scheduled for the next day! So on Thursday, March 29 at 7:30 AM, we handed our precious baby boy (at 3.5 months old) to the nurse and prayed for his safety. His surgery was at Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona. The smaller procedure was also much quicker than a full CVR, and only took about an hour. At 9:45 AM, we got to see our little boy! He did great! He stayed in the Pediatric ICU two nights and recovered like a champ! The next day, he was eating more and using less pain medication. He was smiling and playing the next evening, and flirting with all of the nurses. Mommy and Daddy were amazed at our little munchkin!

Jonah started his helmet therapy on April 18, 2012, almost three weeks post-op. He will need to wear the cranial band for about three months to help his head form correctly. So far, he is doing very well with the cranial band. It was a rough few days to start with, but soon he seemed to forget about it. I could not have gone through any of this without the amazing support of my new friends, my fellow Cranio moms and dads! We are so proud of our Cranio Superhero!