Braddack – Metopic

Braddack is our second born, he was born on November 11 2010, 11 days late. He was 9lbs 5oz an 21.5 inches, He looked perfect! At his 3 month check up, the doctor mentioned his head. We went to Children’s Cranio and facial 4/2011 where we met Dr. Lewis. She took one look at his head an said “Yes he will need surgery”. The CT scan confirmed what she had told us. That day was suppose to be quick and easy, but it turned into a full day at the Children’s. We met Dr. Gruss and his colleagues. He was very helpful as he explained everything. On Aug 1st we went back for our pre op appt. We met with Dr. Lewis where she had mentioned Cranio Care Bears, She told me to reach out to Craino Care Bears as these ladies all have gone through this surgery with their little ones. I was asked by my husband not to goggle Craniosynostosis, as he thought I would not be able to handle seeing all these babies with scars on their heads. It was better for me to go into this not knowing anything. Jason did a lot of research and was my back bone. I emailed Shelby Monday afternoon, The girls emailed me back within hours, letting me know that they were all praying for my son. They gave me comfort, support, answered all question I had. They posted Braddack’s surgery info on their facebook page. Many more people reached out to me, sending prayers, and warm wishes. Shelby was texting me through out the day, as Braddack was in surgery, she gave me helpful hints, asked if I needed anything, told me what I should expect. She understood how I felt. Later that night she came to the hospital, when I saw her I couldn’t help but cry. This lady found out about me less that 30 hours prior to meeting me, yet you would think we knew each other for years. She gave me a huge hug and listen to everything I wanted to tell her. She came with this amazing care package, that had everything you would need to stay in a hospital. These girls have thought of it all! She asked if she could come back and see Braddack, we made plans for her to come back on Wednesday. She texted me to see how I was doing. We met up Wednesday evening, She got to see Braddack, he was in the swing just trying to get comfortable. My husband was there so Shelby and I went for a MUCH needed walk around the hospital. She showed me where I could shower, do laundry, how to get around. She showed me an outdoor area. We went down to the cafeteria sat down an talked for an hour. She is an amazing friend! She has helped me so much, and continues to do so. She has checked in on me everyday, her love an support didn’t stop at the hospital. When I had a question about Braddack’s stitches she was there. She found a family that went through Metopic surgery 2 months before Braddack, I have been talking with that wonderful mother. Shelby is truly an amazing woman! I want to thank Cranio Care Bears for all the support, love, prayers and advice that gave my family. I made some great friends through this process.!! Craino Care Bears is very close to my heart! Love you guys!